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Me and Jesus are still cool

People might get from me that I'm not a Christian; and they might be right but only because what people say is Christianity is kinda stupid.  Not that Christianity is stupid its just they have gone so far from the original ideas Jesus was putting forth.

Me and Jesus are cool.  Jesus keeps me loving the idiots of the world instead of going psycho with a shotgun and no, I will not kill myself when surrounded.  I play a lot of Left 4 Dead and them zombies better swarm me before I reload.

Off topic, I know.  Killing people and Jesus doesn't really mix, unless you vote republican in the name of Jesus.  If Jesus wanted G.W. Bush to president I guess he doesn't give a shit about Iraqi lives.  Seriously, how much callousness could Jesus be down with?  Wouldn't Jesus want universal health care from a nation that could clearly afford it?

Politicians aren't the only thing that gets between me and Jesus.  The pastors of the world also trip me out.  Too many of them attract fol…

Its all in the game

It's going to be hard for me to write about basketball even though my Jayhawks lost in the championship game of the NCAA tournament this last season.  That being said I'm proud of the heart they showed and it reminded how much I love the game.

I've been playing basketball since I was a young nerd playing on the playground of Quindaro elementary school.  There was something about taking your team and battling some other squad.  I wasn't even that big... well actually I was little.  I was the littlest person on the team clear into my teens.

Me and the neighborhood kids would walk to Klam park (Home of many a crime scene) on Saturdays and pretend to be our favorite NBA Stars.  I was always Scottie Pippen.  Not because I liked him or anything, I just played great defense and wouldn't score unless it was an easy one.

Thinking back, I really had some slow developing game but there's one thing that would always get me notice; I would hustle my ass off.  Steals, reboun…

Open Letter To Bounce TV

Dear Bounce TV,
When I discovered that there was a new, Black aimed broadcast TV channel I was ecstatic.When I tuned in, I must say that I was impressed.The first thing that I sat down and watched was “A Raisin in the Sun”.It wasn’t that Puff Daddy crap either; you actually had the Sydney Portier version that treated the play with some respect.Here we are, a year later and like Cornel West said to Al Sharpton “I love you brother, but I’m worried about you.”
I like Soul Train, I like Fat Albert, but do we need to see those shows in 4 hour blocks?Also, your love of the past is getting a little worrisome.The Blacksploitation movies are usually cool, but some of them are downright embarrassing, plain and simple.And what’s the deal with bleeping out the “N-word”?If you want to say you are “TV our way”, you should know that our way is usually unedited.Now, if the FCC is on your back then I understand.They have a tendency to not handle reality well and have an inclination to white wash history…

Stevie and the Queen

It’s bad enough that I have to watch English People dancing off beat to Stevie, which for African Americans is blasphemy, but he is there celebrating the Queen of England’s 60th anniversary on the throne.

Now, I like Queen Elizabeth. I really do.She seems to be a sweet old lady and the class act of that family.However, how am I supposed to glorify the descendants of the most evil regime the world has ever known?I find it ridiculous that these people have slightly less money than the lady that created Harry Potter.I don’t even mess with Harry Potter but I know that shit is big.All the imperials brought us is oppression and greed and they haven’t been able to do that in the last 50 years or so yet they are still banking off their run at ruling the world. The only thing that makes the English empire look good is that they are in driving distance to Germany.Like a lot of hood niggas, the first thing I think of when I think about Europe is WWII.The first thing I think about WWII is Nazis.I’l…

There's gold in them thar crates

Right now I’m listening to Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night.I don’t know how much play this album got around the nation when it dropped in 1997, but it didn’t get any love in Kansas City, but If you haven’t heard, it is the shit! I don’t know when it became the general consensus that rap music that didn’t come out in the last 6 months isn’t good but we have to remember hip-hop’s history of being the product of people that were willing to dig in those crates.

Bargain bins at the used CD store, garage sales and all have great CDs that you never heard.Not to mention all of those CDs with 2 or 3 great songs on them. My point is that great music doesn’t have a shelf life.Just because Kanye and Jay-Z keep coming out with hits doesn’t mean Reasonable Doubt and The College Dropout aren’t great CDs.It’s just the opposite.There has been a long time since somebody referred to a rap album that is universally referred to as a classic.Think about it.There have been really good albums but a y…

Niggas and News casters

(Is "Newscaster" one word or two?) Where are all of the young black people on the news?I know you comedians out there will point out all of the crime reports and sports coverage but I’m not talking about that.I’m talking about the anchors.I’m talking about the reporters and the faces that we start to identify with information.
Here, in Kansas City, we have a few black people under 40 that hold it down.They are led by Jonathan Carter of NBC, Mary Pulley of Fox and Kelly Jones on Channel 5.They all do an exceptional job and I can’t knock any of them but in a city that is over 40% black, why are we only 10% of the faces on the news?
There are as many Asian women on the local news as there are black people.I’m not going to knock the Asian ladies because they do a great job (Shout out to Xiao Xiao and Bonyen).Everyone knows about white men and their Asian women fetish but since when is it okay to play into these crazy urges instead of reflecting the consumer base?
Some of you are go…