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The Rubber Room (It Might Suck being Kanye)

I only have one fear that has lasted the last 20 years of my life.  That is losing my mind.  I don't mean excessive drinking or getting some bad weed at a Redman concert.  I worry that I might go the kind of crazy that the only thing left to do is dope me up and sit me in a corner.  This is a possible reality for me.  I've been involved in some very public freak outs before.  So far, everything has snapped back in place with only one run in with the law.  Luckily that only ended me in County Jail for the weekend, not in the loony bin.

I don't fear insane asylums as places, either.  I know some people think they are scary because of all the medieval torture scenes they've seen in movies but that wouldn't be the worst part for me.  It would be the inability to communicate.  Worse yet, I'm afraid that I'll lose my will to communicate.  You have to find yourself in a lot of darkness to be too tired to attempt your own voice.

There is a difference between no o…

How to be a Racist

In light of the recent Presidential election, it has occurred to me that I haven't been warning y'all that you have been fucking up often enough.  But fear not.  The baby has been born, I'm out of vodka, and the dust is being blown of the laptop.  All that to say, sorry it's been so long.

I don't want to sit in here and talk about Donald Trump.  You guys created Donald Trump so I want to talk about what you guys did wrong.  While this could be a 100 part series, ain't nobody got time for that.  Saturdays are for celebration and weekends are made for Michelob.  Let's talk about the main problem.  You guys are doing racism wrong.

There is a bigot going to the Whitehouse precisely because enough people felt that voting was their only outlet for their simmering racism.  So, before y'all keep feeding Hitler your racist vibrations, let me save you, and the country from driving this dumb ass shit clear in to World War III.

Before we get in to the solutions, a…