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Why You Should be Celebrating Kwanzaa

I know that most you have no idea what Kwanzaa is so let me say this...Do I look like fucking Google to you?Google that shit and come back.I’ll wait…
Now that that’s done, I know a lot of you still don’t see why you should interrupt your binge drinking this week to celebrate this relatively new holiday.Welp, I have come up with a few reasons that we should all dawn our dashikis and get our harambee on.And yes, my non-black friends, this concerns you as well.

Black people, niggas haven’t ruined this yet.This isn’t like the first week of the showing for Django.Getting on to Kwanzaa now is like going to see 12 years a slave in the suburbs 4 months after release.It might be some hip White folks there and perhaps some interracial couples but dumb niggas just ain’t coming.Trust me; we lost most of the dumb niggas when I asked them to Google something that lead them to pages with very few booties and a whole lot of words.

White people, for a week you can get black people to rationally talk abou…

Real Men Raise Their Kids

Deadbeat dads out there, I understand.Having a baby is some scary shit.Also there’s the financial cost and the fact that you will be tied to the child’s mother for at least 18 years.That can be some creepy shit if you hardly know that woman and you’re broke already.
Here’s the problem.Having sex, especially unprotected sex, is some grown up shit.If you are man enough to do grown-up shit then you should be grown up enough to face the consequences.For example:I drive a car pretty much every damned day.I do this with the knowledge that driving a car is probably the most dangerous thing I can do with my time.It is far more likely to kill me than anything I do but I take responsibility and try to drive as safely as possible.
I don’t mean to scare people; in fact, I aim to do the opposite.I am saying that you face the risks of an adult life, get in your car and get to it.Why?Because that is what grown-ups do.
I refuse to believe that when a man decides to shoot his semen in a stranger that it …

Whats Wrong With These Niggas?

I tend to have a critical eye.I like making little observations about people and places but there is one group of people that always confuses me.The young black generation sometimes bothers me with their styles, their music and their acceptance of Chris Brown makes me ask “What the hell is wrong with these niggas?”
In my ongoing exploration of the issue, I’ve come up with only a few things.
1:The struggle has been lost
If you ask kids today what blackness is, they’d say crazy things like “We don’t have to pull our pants up” or, “We make all the good twerk videos.”This is what happens when you let Disney and Viacom define culture.Minority cultures get completely ignored and children are left to come up with their own answers.Children, being children, always find the dumbest answers.Most of it is my generation’s fault.We didn’t really hold the mantle of responsibility very well.We didn’t produce 2chainz or Trinidad James but Flavor Flav is all ours.Come to think of it, even though we came …