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New Year, Old Me

As it stands, I am 6' tall and 185 pounds; exactly the same dimensions that I was 10 years ago.  My abs are slightly less Usher-like but still, not bad for 36 years of age.  needless to say that weight loss isn't my New Year's ambition.

It took me a minute to think about what I really wanted in the New Year and of all the things that I thought of, most of it was a piece of me I'd lost in the last couple of decades.  With that in mind, here are some old year resolutions that I hope to keep in the one seven.

1)  Pretend to be balling

Once upon a time, if I hit payday with $200 in my account it was time to turn the fuck up.  Nowadays it's time to re-evaluate my spending.  How did that happen?  It was probably because I have a wife that comes up with the most creative ways to cost me 100 bones but it could be that I have a different concept of money now.  I want to build my family a fortune and triple digits just ain't gonna do it.  Of course, there are two options…