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Hanging with White dudes

I never used to fuck with white dudes, but that all changed when I turned 19.I was going to KU and to avoid another year in the dorms, I put in to live in the campus apartments.As unpopular as I was, I didn’t know enough people to lock down reliable roommates so I had to put my name in the lottery.Basically they put your name in a random pool and the three guys that they pulled after you were going to live with you for a year. In this day in age I suppose that I should say that I mean “fuck with” in the sense that I wouldn’t befriend them; not as in having sex with them.FYI I don’t have sex with any color man.What can I say? I’m straight. Anyway, my sophomore year at the University of Kansas, I got put into a two bedroom apartment with TJ, Tanner and Chris. Almost as important, we were across the hall from Chevonn, Jessica, Jessica and Jamie.Tower C was a unisex tower and it wasn’t uncommon to have women next door to men.We were right across the hall from the girls and I distinctly reme…