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A Vasectomy Story

I have two daughters and a wife and them niggas keep on eating.  Like, every day more food. My wife works but in 2017 it ain't gonna be enough money to keep everyone in food, clothing and shelter if we have another baby.  We are on some Cold Equation shit.  If we have another baby, one of us is going out the airlock and since that's probably gonna be me, it was time for the big snip.

Apparently men ain't shit

I wonder what I was doing.  Was I having that first cup of coffee on a Monday?  Was I celebrating the fact that I didn't get owned again in a quick Overwatch match when I didn't even pick D.Va but experimented with Doomfist because black is beautiful?  Or, was I at work wondering why I don't just ignore the people and work on my blog?  Dear world, where was I the last time Charlie Rose whipped his dick out for no reason?

How could I have been so naive?  I'm aware that old ass White dudes ain't worth shit but seriously, Charlie Rose!?  He speaks so well. (Doesn't feel good when it's pointed at you, does it White people?)

As much as I would love to believe this is a white man's issue, it is not.  This is an issue that men across all cultures seem to be grappling with.  Masculinity has become some utter bullshit and we are going to have to put a stop to it.

Masculinity is the reason why black men shoot at each other over FaceBook posts.  Masculinity is the re…