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A Failure to Launch

The cards were stacked against me, I tell ya.

Per the previous post, I have been in training.  I have been doing all sorts of jumping exercises with the goal of throwing a dunk down by July 25th, 2015; my 35th birthday.  Then, like seemingly every other goal I've set, shit got in the way.

Five days before the big day, I got sick.  I was just working too much in the heat and my body said "You know what, fuck you, too!"  By the time I re hydrated, it was time to rest up for the big day.

The day came and I was hype.  Got up early, dropped some stuff at the library and downed a cup of coffee AND drank a five hour energy.  I was ready to jump over the moon... then my wife and daughter took 2 hours to get ready.  This had a disastrous effect.  First of all it killed my excitement and coffee buzz, which made me go from crunk to irritated.  Also, it allowed the heat index to reach 95 degrees.  If you don't know what the heat index is, it's the measurement they use when…