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Getting Grown

It used to be a big fear of mine that I would reach my (gulp) mid-thirties and not have any of my dreams come true.Now, at 33, I can honestly say that nightmare has all but come true but you know what, it ain’t so bad and here’s why.
1.)I’m still pretty hot.I know that’s pretty vain to say but I feel better about my looks and body now than I ever have.Sure, there are moles and scratches and dents that I don’t even know where they came from but the overall package is still holding up pretty nice.It could be that I’ve just learned to accept what I got and run with it but as long as it looks good to me, whats really the difference?
2.) I have a beautiful family:

Now, that being said, everyone with a spouse and a kid feels like running away to Brazil, never to be seen again.But most of us don’t do that; mainly because families are pretty awesome when they’re not getting on your nerves.My baby girl is the sweetest thing ever and my wife is still my favorite person in the world.Can’t beat th…

I'm only crazy when I sleep

So I have a couple of recurring dreams.The first one is fairly harmless.I get it when I clench my teeth at night.Consequently, I dream that all my teeth are falling out.I’ve had it so many times that I often realize that I’m dreaming within the dream.I never do anything cool once I realize that I’m dreaming.Naked Halle and naked Mariah never show up and seduce me or something cool like that.I just sort of gum around and spit blood until the ride is over.
Now, there’s another dream that I keep having that is even worse than the feeling of having to spit all my teeth into the sink.I keep having this dream where I fuck up… really, REALLY fuck up.You see, I keep having this dream where I commit murder.Funny enough, the actual murder is never anything special.Half the time, I pop in to the dream and the murder is already over.I get in to the dream at the really bad part.I’m either running from the cops, in custody or sitting around with the realization that I’ve just thrown my life away.