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Cogito Awards

Cogito Awards 2012 has been a rough year.Not just for me, but for America.That being said, there has been some pretty noteworthy shit that has gone down and I would be remiss not to acknowledge some of the year’s over and under achievers.With that, this is the 2012 Cogito awards!!!!

Warning: There is no rhyme or reason to most of this.
Album of the Year:I only bought rap albums this year and none of the ones I picked up disappointed in the least.Xzibit, B.o.B, Killer Mike and Lupe Fiasco all dropped great albums this year.All of them worth the money but it was a late comer that really shut it down.Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is the album of the year.It is a work of art the likes of which we have come to expect from the cats from Outkast and this was another step forward in their legacy.
Twitter moment of the year:Stacy Dash goes Clueless.It wasn’t Stacy Dash’s love of Mitt Romney that was such a big deal but that Black folks acted a pure fool over it.Naturally, when right …

The N word

I use the so called “N-word” a lot.I try not to use it around people that I know are offended by it and people I would be offend by if they used it (White people).I know it’s sort of controversial to blurting out “nigga” all of the time but for me, that’s just the way I talk.
There’s been a bit of a movement to get people to stop using the word.Of all the things that are wrong with the Black community, I don’t know who decided this was a good place to start.Black men have been calling each other “niggas” for a long time but we’ve never meant any harm in it.I know the word comes from “nigger”, a term that was meant to dehumanize me and mine but you can’t say that black people are trying to make each other feel bad when we use it now.
You could argue that using the word subconsciously plays enough on Black people to warrant its censorship but honestly, aren’t there more overt attacks on out humanity that should be addressed first?We won’t take on gun violence, a failing education system a…

Culture war, the battle for booty

I don’t care about the war on Christmas.I love the homie, Jesus, but people stopped caring about him on his birthday a long time ago.I suppose that he couldn’t care that much either.If he did, why would he let them paint him white in all those nativity scenes?If that was me, best believe it would have started raining fire a loooong time ago.

I want to talk about another cultural war going on.I want to talk about the war on loose women.I don’t even like the term ‘loose’ but for simplicity’s sake that’s what we’ll call them.The other names are far more harmful.

Since when has it been a good idea to keep people from getting laid until Marriage.Why would we suggest that women not have sex until marriage when we know that would make the world a terrible place?People would be getting married at 15 and deciding that they hated their spouses by the time they were old enough to drink.Nobody would even graduate from college.What is the point of moving away from home, doing all that drinking and p…