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Quit Lying

There are two major problems with common sense.  First, it isn't all that common.  Secondly, our culture presents a lot of shit that passes for wisdom that upon further analysis, turns out to be complete bullshit.  You can't argue the first point.  I try not to get mad at people for not using their heads.  I know what a burden being a braniac can be (alliteration bitches!!!).  If you don't believe me on the second point about commonly held bullshit that people think is so smart, I present the following.

Exhibit A:   "Honestly is the Best Policy"

Imagine if you will, a man rolls off of his wife after 6 minutes of vigorous love making.  Still out of breath, he turns his head to his wife's ear and mutters "I would get more in to this if you lost about 20 pounds."  Then she turns her head to meet his gaze and says "I never hear any complaints from the Black guys I fuck when you're at work."

Now, had they both shut the fuck up and gone to s…