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Fuck the Chiefs

It is Sunday in the fall and that can only mean one thing: Video games.  I would normally be patiently awaiting the kickoff of another Chiefs game but the NFL decided to make themselves the White Power wing of professional sports.

So yeah, fuck em.

When Kaepernick began his protest last year, I was proud of the dude.  Sure he was stating the obvious about America's treatment of Black bodies but naturally a lot of people went all "This isn't the place" and made several other completely stupid arguments about the field not being the place even though a gazillion people happen to be watching.

This year, something even stupider happened.  White people decided that this was all about them so they could be mad at something.  Even more infuriating they used one of the craziest turns of logic I've been privy to.  Instead of arguing the treatment of people of color they decided the real issue was the flag and the troops.

The flag was unavailable for comment because it do…
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White man got me down.

Only a few months after declaring myself happy, I'm sorry to admit that the white man has officially got me down.  I haven't written in a while because I don't want to go full negativity on y'all.  I'm exasperated by the current state of America, my job and and my bitch ass neighbors and before you go calling me a racist, let's look at the tail of the tape:


The President is a fucking moron, as described by the Secretary of State.  You read that correctly.  But, that isn't news.  45 was a lying moron his entire campaign, yet this country STILL ELECTED HIM PRESIDENT!  Which leads me to one hard conclusion:  No matter how hard I will ever work, people will still value white maleness over anything else in this country.  That's fucking depressing.  It's also quite tiresome because I don't just get to watch it on news feeds 24 hours a day, i get to watch in real life.  Let's talk about my job.

The Gig:

I don't have a terrible job.…

The Beast Gets Free

I was doing the work of two people; easily.  I just want to make that clear.  I don't want anyone to think that I was just being a dick.

Here's the scene.  It was maybe over a year ago and my company had just moved.  I was worried about some of the challenges of the complete warehouse move long before it happened but what happened was a clusterfuck beyond anyone could imagine.

The people that you were sure you could rely on did their best to keep things afloat.  The ones that we couldn't rely on... well they became even more useless than I would have guessed which means the burden bearers were all on edge and forced to do more and more as the ranks of those that were checking out of the entire effort began to increase.

It was under those circumstances that Michelle walked across the warehouse being escorted by my friend Kenny.  For those of you not in the know, anytime a white woman comes at me at work with a male escort, she about to start some shit and she fucking knows …


I'm officially on drugs now.  Some shit called Amlodipine that may or may not give me cankles.  As you can imagine, I am not very excited about this.

The reason that I have to pop a pill every day is because a month ago my blood pressure was 160/120 which, for those of you scoring at home, is high as fuck.  Monday, my doctor had me in to make sure the first check was no anomaly.  This time my blood pressure was 180/110 which prompted an "Oh my goodness" from my nurse.  So what I'm saying is, I have high blood pressure.

What sucks about this development is that it is usually reserved for people that are overweight.  While I am carrying an old man pudge of a belly, I am 6 foot (6' 3" when leaving Family Dollar on State Ave) and 185 pounds of cut muscle.  Did I mention I was hot? Never mind that because hypertention has it's probz.

This is terrible for several reasons.  First and foremost, It could cause my dick to stop working in the next decade or so.  I…

Time Machine

People like to play with the thought experiment of "Would you kill baby Hitler?"  The idea is that it says something about you that you would either kill or save a baby, based on the probability that he was going to grow to be a monster.

Given what we know about the history of Germany, I say kill that baby.  I'd beat that baby with an aluminum bat.  I'd castrate his dad and kick his mom square in the pussy on the way out.  Maybe I'm a bad person but I didn't kill millions of Jews and if I had to take a chance on the future for and Ann Frank and nem, that's gonna be one dead baby Adolf.

That being said, I kinda feel like there are other people in history that needed to be stopped for the greater good.  There has been some unnecessary ass lives that have been lived and if I ever get my time machine up and working, here are few people that you won't remember existing:

Whoever invented Caps Lock.  People have wasted countless hours deleting and re-typing…

Happy Father's Day, Lou.

First off, nobody cares about Father's Day.  I have two kids and I don't care about Father's Day.

That being said, I owe the men in my life everything that I have.  Like, not more than the women, but still everything if that makes any sense.

My dad wasn't good at it.  Making kids, sure.  Providing a moral compass and the like? Not so much.  He loved us, that was for sure and that is the metaphorical first base and even if your nigga don't get home, you can appreciate him getting on base.

The dude that is most responsible, good or bad, for who I am is Marshall Louis Hayes, Jr.

My Brother was born 8 years before me, in the prime spot for role modeling.  Like chasing the future, he is something I can never catch up to.  I have always been smart, but not as smart as Lou.  I'm strong  but not as strong as Lou, aside from Renaissance fest 2013 when I beasted him and my brother in law in the strength tester (I beasted everybody 3 for 3).

He is smart.  He takes Ls for …