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You Wouldn't Like Me if I was Angry

I’m always try to keep calm.  Reason being is that I’ve gone the fuck off before.  I don’t mean that I was being an asshole to some customer service rep or flipped someone off on the road.  I’ve found myself being completely out of control and being regretful of my behavior almost immediately after.
These kind of flip outs have been with me for some time, too.  I submit to you two times when I flashed on a nigga, both before I left grade school.
I had this good friend in 1st through 3rd grade.  Let’s call him “Bill”.  Bill was a little feminine, but I didn’t really care.  I was very quiet back then.  Niggas probably thought I was gay, too, so we got along just fine.  Even at that young age, he started getting in good with the girls (because that nigga had to be gay) and I was becoming a loner, known for knowing all the answers in class so we slowly drifted apart.
Fifth grade comes along and we were in the same class.  We weren't friends but acquaintances at that point.  I was alr…