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Uncle Tom is Back!!!!

and that nigga must be stopped!

There has been a rash of Black Men in the last few years that have surged ahead in the fight to bring back right wing America.  It started with Clarence Thomas.  He scraped and bowed his way all the way to the Supreme Court.  We thought that was bad back in the day but oh no, it was only the beginning of the new black right wing.

I should back up.  Black America has been inherently Conservative for a long time.  The reason being is that the Black church, the community's traditional leader, is inherently conservative.  Most of our leaders have come from the church and so stand against things like homosexuality, pre-marital sex and the right to an abortion.

Luckily, most black people realized that right wing politics and conservative beliefs don't usually end well for the Black community.  By the mid '60s, the republican party had virtually abandoned Black voters so we migrated to the democratic party.  The dems are more liberal but a lot of t…
Kids these day are lazy.

Nowadays, kids can text naked pictures to each other in the comfort of their own bedroom. Back in my day, you didn’t see a naked woman until you caught your dad watching porn.You didn’t see one in person until you turned 18 and the older heads took you to the strip club.

Little boys and little Girls get way too sexual today because they know that inevitably they are going to have to face these sorts of feelings so they just jump right in.Little do they know, they are terrible at sex. Only screwed up people want to have sex with children because children just ain’t sexy.Period.

People really don’t even approach getting sexy until they stop growing.Before that, they are just awkward.Teenagers always think that the cheerleaders at their school are sexy.Young girls think the same thing about the jocks.The ones that never make it to college might even marry one of these early bloomers.Those of us that have made it to college know the difference between being attracted t…
Maury must be stopped.

No one has profited more from Black people being ignorant than he.I know the old saying: “Mama’s baby, Papa’s maybe.” But, contrary to popular belief, Black men love their children.
Everyone loves children.Even if Black men realize that they aren’t bringing much to a household, they know that there is magic there.That magic might be scary, like all magic, but it’s there.
There isn’t much difference between the love that develops between a man and a child with his D.N.A.and a man that a child that he has raised. I am my father’s son.No, I’m not light skinned or a hustler, but I laugh when I hear something funny.I’ll sit on a porch and dink liquor all Saturday morning.My toes are extraordinarily long (just like his).I will see a beautiful woman and take notice just because I am a man and that’s what a man does.My dad raised me well. When you see a Black man on Maury, you know he is going to be running from the responsibility of being a dad.Any knuckle head can father …

I'm in danger, call Al Sharpton

The Trayvon Martin Case is only going to end badly.  Do you know how I know?  Because a child is dead.  I'm sure his family won't get too much condolence from people wearing hoodies.

My problem is that this everyone saw this coming the day Florida decided it would be good for people to stand and shoot each other rather than having someone walk away.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?  Have I lost it or is telling people that its okay to go "Wild, Wild, West" a terrible freaking idea.  What lawmakers seem to not understand is that people are stupid and arming them is a terrible idea.

Now, I have a strange take on this because I happen to be an unarmed Black man.  I'm not delusional about my ability scare White people.  I'm tall and bald and usually in a bad mood.  I usually don't wear my hoodie but shit, I live in Kansas City and it gets cold round here.  So, I don't always look so wholesome.  I would hate to be shot because some paranoid per…


I love to rant and rave.  I would buy me a mister microphone and stand on the corner berating people if I thought I could make money off of it.  Instead, I have created a blog.  I recently finished writing a book and if I get it published, prepare for some shameless promotion.

About me?  I'm a Hip-Hopper, a Jayhawk, 4 people's uncle, a madman, a writer, an educated negro, and a sexy mother (shut yo mouth)!  I think i know everything, including that I don't know everything.  I'm working on it though.

I love music, people, my loving girlfreind and my family.  I'm probably the world's least religious Christian and least nationalist American.  That's all going to come out in the wash.  Thanks for visiting and prepare to have your mind blown!!!!