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Was he not my friend?

I should have taken the day off.  Instead, I'm trying to focus on one pointless task after another through watery eyes; trying not to explode on one of the soulless fucks wandering around my workplace.

I know what you're thinking.  I never met him.  He was just a musician that I like.  But let me take a second to share my pain, especially with those, like me, that are still hurting.

I have always loved Prince.  Like all things, my older brother loved him so I did too.  Ever since those younger days I could always call on Prince to get me through.  Courting girls in college, played Prince.  Going through breakups with said tenderonnies, played Prince.  Slow dancing (and or slow rolling) with the wife, Prince, Prince and mo Prince.

With that said, what can you say about someone that has been there for you since forever that doesn't share your DNA?  He was the dearest of friends.

He was also an inspiration for all of us that were little and abnormal.  He was 5 foot noting of…