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a fear of self

I’ve met a lot people in this world and one of the most interesting aspects of someone is what they are afraid of.  I’ve come across some crazy ones that I just can’t explain (feathers, butterflies, da gubment), and a couple I can sort of see (clowns, wasps).
My biggest fear is not quite a phobia because it isn’t a fear of something concrete.  I’m actually scared of losing my mind.  If you read my blog (and you are a smartass) you might say the process has already begun, but bear with me.  The blog actually lets me get things off my chest which an overactive mind needs to do from time to time.  Also, if I do lose my shit one day, we can all go back in my blog and see what you fuckers did that made me nuts.
Anyhoo, back to me.  These are a few reasons why I’m afraid I might go crazy.
Reason #1:  I don’t think I’m normal
                I embrace my oddity, I really do, but I wish more people could empathize with me when I get upset about things.  The whole world is either entirely too…